Firefox users: create (or get) a Saab Persona

I just thought I’d pass on a groovy thing I’ve only recently learned about with a recent update of Firefox – Personas.
This basically just a browser background that you can download and apply for your Firefox installation. It means no more bland solid colors around your menus, etc. Yes, they can be a little busy and make your navigation buttons difficult to see if they’re not done right, but I’ve been using a few of these personas for a week or so and it’s a nice little add to the browser experience.
Click here to check out the Firefox Personas page.
You can use the search bar to search for Saab personas. There’s not many of them at the moment. I’ve loaded up a Saab 9-5 persona on this computer but as you can see, it’s the old 9-5.
Perhaps there are some creative genii who can whip up some new ones and submit them to Firefox for approval?