Griffin Up on iTunes

I didn’t know this until just now, but the theme-for-a-Saab-sale is available on iTunes.
GriffinUpCover.jpgGriffin Up was written and recorded by a young Swede named David Blumberg and it quickly became the backing tune that accompanied Saab Support Convoys around the world.
Of course, the time of the convoys has passed but the song remains and personally, I think the song should get a major reprise mid-year if there ends up being a Saab Festival in Sweden. It represents a significant moment in Saab’s history and aside from all that…… it’s a darn good tune.
If you’ve got a spare buck+change in your pocket then I’d invite you to do as I just did and go get the official download on iTunes.
You’ll do your ears a favour and you’ll help out the guy who gave you the song that backed a movement.