Hi-Res Saab poster now available

I posted the new Saab advertisement from Lower Brindfors – the one featuring photos from the Saab Support Convoys – earlier today. As many of you noted, however, it was a low-ish resolution PDF and may not suit enlargement and printing.
I asked Lowe for a higher res version and they’ve very kindly come to the party with a 3.5MB version that looks much clearer and I’m sure will keep everyone smiling for years to come.
Thumbnail image for Saab SSC Ad - Believing
Once again, our longest-serving sponsor from TS/SU, Elkparts, have been fantastic in hosting the image for us, so please offer them a golf-clap and some of your purchasing power when you get an opportunity in the near future.
Click here to download the PDF (3.5MB)