JL Racing selling their Saab race cars

JL Racing, the Canadian racing team who were using Saabs for a few recent seasons, are moving on to a RWD maker (Hyundai, I think) and consequently, are now offering their Saab racing cars up for sale.
I’m not sure that anyone here would be interesting in a couple of 9-3 racers, but I thought I’d post this up on site anyway, if only for the curiosity factor.
There’s one complete car that’s ready to race, and one rolling chassis as well as a third body.
The three ‘vehicles’ are currently being offered at $40,000 for the full package, which actually sounds pretty decent.
Some specs on the bodies:
White car #92 Raced in CCTCC and CASC with victories in both
– GM FM 57 5 spd transmission complete w Quaife LCD
– 3 sets of 17 X 8″ wheels
– Nira 13+ engine management system
– AIM data acquisition system
– GM/Saab stock brake system complete w ABS, or AP Brakes front
– Ohlin shock system 3 way adjustable w remote reservoirs
– Ground Control camber plates
– SPA fire suppression system
– Recaro race seat
– APR GT 2 rear wing
– Front splitter
– Stainless steel Stebro 3 inch custom exhaust system
– Car runs 1.35 – 1.36 at Mosport
Black car #93 Rolling Chassis built for Touring Car
– Obrien Motorsports cage
– 2008 complete body retro fit with tons of spare panels, covers, and trim
– Very light
– Lexan rear and side windows
Stripped and dipped unit body
– 2005 93 unit body
– Acid dipped
– Stripped and lightened
And you also get two race-prepared engines……..
Engine #1

  • Complete race build
  • Hone and machine surface block
  • Balance
  • Micro polish journals
  • Port and polish cylinder head
  • Multi angle valve job
  • Ecotec head stud kit
  • Edlebrock Victor 70 mm throttle body
  • Comp Cams 2.0 l Ecotec steel roller cams
  • Valve spring kit
  • Valve set includes titanium retainers, cups, seals
  • Custom intake
  • Diamond pistons
  • Eagle Rods
  • Peterson dry sump pump
  • Custom oil pan set for dry sump
  • 3 Gallon Peterson oil tank
  • Garrett GT 30 Turbo
  • Built for 350 to 450 hp on 94 Octane

Engine #2 is the same as engine #1 but without the custom intake or the dry sump pump.
Thanks to Bernard C for the tip. I’m sure that if anyone’s interested then enquiries would be welcome at the JL Racing homepage.