Ugly Saab 9-1 and beautiful Saab historical at Autobild

I’ve received a few emails about this one and I think it’s made an appearance in comments today already, but what the heck.
Given all the talk about a new smaller Saab, Autobild thought they’d get one of their digital artists to go to work on it. I know Victor Muller would be looking to woo Mini drivers, but this would be rediculous!
Now, having seen that, you’re probably thinking why would I want to click through and read more at Autobild?
Well, that image is just #1 of an 81 page history pictorial. There’s a lot of great Saab stock photography and a few I hadn’t seen before, too. The blue Saab 900 is a cracker!
So… if you’ve got 10 minutes to kill, click on through.