Umm. I’m 40.

It’s been quiet here today, I know.
I wrote a few weeks ago about my birthday because I was heading over to Melbourne to celebrate with the extended family. That was an early celebration.
Today’s the day. Hence the slower than usual work rate around here. I’ve just got back from a nice 2.5 hour lunch with Stu the Lens Genius and will spend the evening contemplating what will be next into the SU garage.
Ah, the contemplation and internal goal setting that such milestones bring. I’m sure things will be back to normal soon.
As a side issue, is it wrong for me to wish for one of these wrapped up as a present when I get home?
Seriously, it has got cult car written all over it. Forget the Mini, the A1 or the 1-series as benchmarks. If Saab could build a small car with even half the grunt and street cred of that RS500 then they’ll have done something monumental at the first try.
It’s one of the first times I find myself instantly smitten by a car.