2010 Saab 9-3 available with V6 in Poland

Many markets around the world are going without the V6 engine in the 2010 model Saab 9-3. This includes the big three: the United States, Sweden and Great Britain.
I’ve recently received information from Bravada, one of our regular visitors and a GMI correspondent, indicating that the Polish market – quite a passionate one, as the Saab Support Convoys showed us – will have a V6 option for 2010.
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The V6 is a small seller, so when it was withdrawn from major markets, it wasn’t that big a surprise to me.
But having it available, at least, seems to make some sense for those who want it and for those who consider it the mark of a prestige brand.
Personally speaking, it’s not really an issue for me. But I know some will be scratching their heads at this one.