Cars from Targa Tasmania 2010 – set 3

There’s a ‘Showroom’ class for Targa Tasmania, where a number of manufacturers enter their cars in standard showroom form.
How good would it be to get a new Saab 9-5 XWD Aero in this class next year? Put the big XWD labels on it and fly Peter Johansson (Turbo X demo driver, Saab vehicle tester and part time rally ace) in to tackle some of Tassie’s best roads. The publicity would be great for the re-launch of Saab Oz and it wouldn’t cost that much. Certainly not a lot more than a frilly ad campaign.
This is the third and final set. I hope you’ve enjoyed them.
More Swedish metal!!!!
This Volvo’s a serial attender. Has been competing in Targa for a number of years now.
A groovy little red Fiat….
An Alfa Berlina belonging to a guy here in Hobart, one of the office holders in the Italian Car Club.
The navigator has a little Fiat he usually drives in Targa but it flipped last year. He was also the guy in the car with me when I crashed my Viggen, so I hope Norman’s Berlina comes home safely 🙂
A couple of Brits…..
Not many French cars entered this year. I think a few of those Renault Sport freaks had better pull their finger out. Brendan?
Some super-performance cars made here in Australia. I believe they’re called Skelta. The chassis of the car weighs less than I do.
I can’t remember what this is.
Another beautiful Alfa GTV6. I love the nose.
I’m not sure what model this Porsche is, but I have a feeling it’s super-rare and super valuable.
A Bolwell.
And another GTV6. I told you they were popular.
And finally, to end on a classy and sophisticated note – a Morgan.
I hope you enjoyed those shots.
I’d love to drive in Targa one day. And I’d love to see a Saab or a Spyker in that showroom class event.
Maybe one day……