Free poster from SoonSaab

I wrote yesterday about the grassroots support campaign called SoonSaab – a partnership between Ralf22’s design business, Soonteam, and a group of Saab dealers in Germany.
Ralf22 has made a limited number of posters available for people who might like a souvenir of the campaign.
There are two different sizes: 594 x 840 mm or 1000 x 700 mm (one portrait, one landscape). Both are shown in this graphic. The nordic crystal ball compass with green widget glow was created to symbolise as “The Saab Symbol of Independence”.
Click to enlarge.
They have 20 of the limited campaign posters available as a gift to European SU readers. They are printed on 250g fine art paper, top print quality, surfaced with UV lacquer finish.
Postage will hvae to be paid by the recipient and contact can be made with Ralf22 on [email protected]