Happy Easter 2010

Hey all, it’s our fifth Easter together.
I hope you’re having a good holiday. I know I need it and if you do, too, then I hope you’re really having a good break.
Did you join in International Pillowfight Day?
If you’re looking for some reading and haven’t checked in for a few days, then I can recommend checking out Jeff’s great work over at SaabsUnitedNY – it’s his reporting from the New York Auto Show.
I agreed to terms on a vehicle to take the empty spot in our garage here at home.
The first criterion was primarily that it be a good track car and club car. Seeing as how one of the more active clubs here is Club Motori Italia – and let’s face it, seeing as how I love Alfas – it should come as no real surprise that it’s another Alfa.
The second criterion was that it had to be cheap, and I picked up this Alfa 33 16V for around $1,000 less than what it cost to set up my last 33.
It ain’t pretty, but it sure is fun. Can’t wait to get back out there.

Why am I using this rather than a Saab?
Well, cost, for starters. Second is suitability for purpose. Third, I love Alfas almost as much as I love Saabs.
And finally, there’s no way I’m going to risk doing to the Monte what I did to my Viggen back in 2007.