How many people actually use their sunroof?

This question stems from the US release of the 2010 Saab 9-5, which I understand is not coming with a sunroof option. I’m 100% sure it’ll come for 2011, but the 600 or so 2010 models that ship to the US will be sans-roof.
I understand that the roof is a desireable option for many people in this price bracket and I’m pretty sure there are exceptional circumstances that have led to the 2010 decision. Probably a supply issue or something.
But what I’m interested to know is how often people who have one, actually use it.
I’ve got one in my Monte and I reckon I’ve opened it twice in 16 months. I’ve had a sunroof in previous cars as well and I barely used the roof in those cars, too.
Personally speaking, the sun is pretty harsh here in Tassie and I find having it beat down on my bare bonce is pretty uncomfortable. In fact, the vast majority of times I can remember enjoying the roof being open were at night, back in Melbourne when I was a youngster and cruising through the city.
I could easily live without one, but again, I understand it’s a must-have on the options list in the circles that Saab will be moving in.
Do you have one? Do you love it? Or could you happily live without it?