More of that AMS Saab concept

Like it or lump it. Compact concepts are the flavour of the month around here right now.
A little while ago, I showed you the front of a concept drawn up by the guys at Auto Motor and Sport. Many of you thought it a bit too Fiat 500 for your liking, though I thought it was actually OK at the front.
Today, we have the addition of a rear quarter photo as well and it’s at this point that I jump the fence and say ‘no thanks’.
The front, again:
AMSSaab 92-2.jpg
And the rear…..
AMSSaab 92-1.jpg
As I see more of this sort of thing, I’m starting to form an opinion on this whole teardrop shape idea, and unfortunately I don’t think it’s a positive opinion. I like the idea from a conceptual point of view, but I’m yet to see an execution that makes me think it can win over a whole bunch of people looking for a modern compact car.
Thanks to C30 for the images