Teknikens: Saab Sport in 2015

This is a partial scan from the cover of the latest edition of Teknikens Varld (a Swedish technology magazine).
I’ve only seen a scan of the article in Swedish and I can’t find an online version to translate.
From what I’ve heard (thanks Aero Pilot) and seen briefly in the scan, it looks like Teknikens are claiming a Saab sports car will be built on the bones of a Spyker C8 architecture, aiming at a 2015 introduction.
All the projected stats they claim look pretty similar to the C8 stats, so at first glance (I can’t read the story, remember) it looks like just a new body and interior on a C8 base.
The SU take:
Nice dream, but it seems to me Teknikens are just picking some low hanging fruit for a good story. Saab and Spyker have a lot more important things to worry about and look forward to than this and I’m quite sure they’re pretty focused on those.