Both Saabs finish Mille Miglia

I’m pleased to pass on the good news that both Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson’s 1957 Saab 93s ran the full distance and finished the Mille Miglia earlier today.
Peter Backstrom, the director of the Saab Museum in Trollhattan, has been travelling with the cars as part of the crew and he passed along these photos today.
First the glory – Saabs up on the podium.
The cars getting a bit of attention. The only problem I’ve heard about so far was in a previous report where VM’s Saab had a problem with the generator, which was fixed overnight.
Jan-Ake Jonsson with his son, Christian….
Victor Muller and son, Olivier….
VM leaning in – asking for directions or offering congratulations?
Congratulations to everyone involved in the Saab tilt at Mille Miglia for this year!!
A job well done.
Now stop swanning around in Italy and get back to the real work in Trollhattan 🙂