Hands up – who’s buying a new Saab 9-5?

It’s time to test the waters here at SU.
I’ve seen a few mentions in comments and I noted this one within the last hour from Gryphon:

Tedjs, I loved the panoramic roof in my Mercedes C and R Classes. I never had a problem. At this point, I don’t think you can call them gee-whiz any more, and I think manufacturers have enough production experience to know how to do them right. Ten years ago, I would have agreed with your assessment though. Still, the lack of a sunroof did not deter me from putting my money down on a 2010 9-5 Aero last week.

Congratulations to Gryphon on his decision and purchase.
But I’d love to open up the floor to anyone else who’s placed an order, or is seriously contemplating doing so soon.
And if you’re a dealer, have you had any firm orders come in yet?
It’s a new dawn, people. Time to see who’s awoken first.