Question: Bluetooth and the Saab 9-3

UPDATE below


Hi all,

Work on the update is progressing well.

I thought I’d bring this question from comments on to the front page so that any of you can provide your experience to help out:

…..could someone who owns a current generation 9-3 tell me is a Bluetooth phone option worth its money? I’d like to order a 9-3 this year, and [am] thinking about adding Bluetooth to the configuration, but it costs almost 650 Euros. Several people I asked say it doesn’t work well – is that true?

A few have already chimed in via comments with their opinion on how it works (seems to go quite well, according to them).

If you’ve got any experience, please let us know.


As noted in comments, a large part of any operational problems appears to be concerned with phones rather than the Bluetooth system in the Saab 9-3.

Thanks to Saab99 in comments, you can access a PDF showing the various phones tested by Saab and their compatibility with the system.