Saab Twitter Links

One day we might look at Twitter and say “Oh, that was so 2010” but for now, for me, it’s a very handy way to keep in touch and find out information that I might not otherwise have access to.

I thought I’d post some of the Saaby Twitter accounts that I subscribe to. You might find them handy as well.

And of course, if you’ve got some other Saab-related Twitter accounts that you follow and I haven’t listed them here, please let me know in comments.

The Saabs United Twitter account is @saabsunited and Eggs has his own account at @eggsngrits. I use the SU account to publicise selected posts from SU, as well as using it as my own personal account.

@elkparts is the account for site sponsor, Elkparts, and features a lot of good info that John gets his hands on.

@RGS_SAAB is the account for General Sales Saab in West Chester, PA. It’s pretty new, but they’re looking to engage a bit more.

Likewise, @NewSalemSaab is the account for New Salem Saab in Albany, NY. Darryl Carl has been sharing quite a bit of good technical information on this account, as well as on their Facebook page.

@Sandervd is one of the marketing guys for Spyker and always has a lot of good stuff, especially during race meetings!

@SaabNewsINTL doesn’t get used much, but might be worth a follow.

@SpykerSquadron is essential if you’re into motorsport

@Autoline is a good one if you’re into John McElroy’s work (which I am). It can be a bit overloaded with sponsor stuff and show announcements, but it’s handy to know what’s happening and when.

@genuinesaab doesn’t get used enough, but when Nick Taliaferro posts something you’ll be up to date.

@ShawSaab is the account for Shaw Saab in Norwell, MA. They post some good stuff.

@Autoextremist is the account for Peter DeLorenzo, Detroit opinionator extraordinaire

@Speedparts is the account for the Swedish tuning house of the same name.

@Tiff_TV is the account for Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needell. Great stuff!

@sniffpetrol should need no introduction.

@peterbackstrom is the account for the modern Mr Saab and Director of the Saab Museum in Trollhattan, Peter Backstrom.

@JoeFromSaab will give you the occasional gem from one of Saab’s PR gurus, Joe Oliver. Likewise, @SaabNewsroom will update whenever there’s a new post on the Saab Newsroom website.

Happy Tweeting!

And as mentioned, if you’ve got any other handy ones, please leave them in comments.