Saab 9-5 on Consumer Reports

As much as I have concerns about Consumer Reports and their ratings systems, their work is relied upon by thousands of people looking at new cars in the US.

Hence, this initial report on their blog is of some interest and it’s good to see yet another positive introduction to the US consumer:

We had a chance to drive a new Aero, and found it to be a pleasant car, roomier, quieter, and more refined than the old 9-5. The six-cylinder engine provides quick, smooth acceleration, and the car handles nicely, with a comfortable ride. Some GM switchgear remains as a reminder of the past, but the upside is the 9-5 inherited OnStar from its ex-parent.

It’s a measured piece, but positive overall and worth a quick read. It doesn’t contain anything that will be new to regular readers, but it’s good to see where the media is heading with this.

Thanks to Alan H for the tip.