Saab 93 stroker completes LeMans classic

Via TedY in comments, this story is a great tale of a few mates, a classic Saab 93 and the mother of all historic races – LeMans.

This is how it looked back when a couple of Saabs were entered in LeMans back in the 1950s…..

It’s hard to imagine cars that could make a Saab 93 look so big!

And here’s how it looked when three guys named Chris (and one named Ferdi) entered a Saab 93 at LeMans in 2010:

The story is a very enjoyable one. They didn’t quite achieve the heights of Bo Lindman’s team a couple of years ago but they were very, very close in what appears to be a beautifully presented car.

Click here to read the full story at Classic Driver.