Saab “Change Perspective” minisite

This is not a new website.

In fact, Eggs covered this Saab minisite when it was first released in support of the new Saab 9-5’s Frankfurt debut, back in September 2009.

Considering that many of you may not have seen Eggs’ post when it was written back then (there’s a lot of post-sale noobs around), and especially in light of Saab’s new advertising blitz based on this theme, I figured it might be worth covering again.

Click here to visit Saab’s Change Perspective website.

The site supports the new ad, giving more insight into Saab’s philosophies on Driving, Safety, Fuel and Power. It shows what Saab have been doing in the past, what they’re doing now and what they are looking to do in the future.

It’s a light-hearted site, but well executed. Check it out and then do the important thing and pass it on!

Thanks to Zippy for the reminder!