Saab sales data – Germany – June 2010

Till72 has been kind enough to send through June sales figures for the German market.

Once again, year on year sales figures are rather pointless at the moment, but the good news is that June saw some slow month-on-month growth from May to June.

We’re still talking about miniscule numbers for Europe’s biggest single car market, but these numbers would be related to dealer registered stock or deliveries being made on orders taken a few months ago.

From Till:

Saab sold 84 cars in Germany in June (52 in May).

79 of them were 9-3s.
37 of them were diesels and 38 of them Convertibles, 5 had XWD.

It will be interesting to see how things go once the 9-5 is introduced but at least numbers are increasing.

Any increase is a good increase. Soon we will see the effect of the 9-5 introduction, the dealer launches and any advertising Saab are doing there.

Thanks Till!