Spyker factory mockup modelled on CNN

Here’s an interesting one.

CNN Tech have a great video on 3D printing and here’s what they end up printing during the video:

It’s a really cool and quite intricate Spyker badge in 3D.

The video is shot in an architect’s office, however, and it’s the drawings that the architect is working on that are the real eye-opener and point of interest here.

What you see there is a Spyker concept factory, with the company badge acting as a dome-like roof on the main factory area, with what look like test track facilities outside the main building.

Watch the video. It’s quite a fascinating building when you get a look at it (and the 3D printing process is quite fascinating when you get a good look at it, too).

I don’t know how old those architectural plans are – they might have been pulled out from years ago just for the purposes of the video – but one could play some serious theoretical mischief with these if they wanted to.

A facility like this would have to be the ultimate dream for an entrepreneur, wouldn’t it? But how to finance it?

If I were a member of the Swedish media, for instance, I’d suggest that buying an undervalued car company for the price of a wind tunnel, pumping it up with new product (some of which is designed by ‘the hottest young designer in the world’) and then waiting until conditions are better to sell the company on to new owners would yield just about enough to do something like this.

Lucky I’m not a member of the Swedish press, eh?

Victor – we believe.