A worrying comment about Saab sales

We’ve seen that Saab sales have risen in the last few months. They had no choice because things were about as bad as you can get in 2009 and the early bit of 2010.

We’re all hoping for a continued sales rise, but this comment that’s just appeared on site is a cause for concern. It’s from someone calling themselves “Insider”

As a Saab salesman in the UK we held a launch weekend with extended opening hours , free drinks and food etc. In the 2 days we had only 5 people look at the car despite spending £1000′s on advertising locally as well as Saabs national push.

The car has been out now essentially 3 weeks and we have yet to sell a single car. Sadly we are not alone as of the local dealerships (6 in total) to us are also experiencing a total lack of interest. I think 2 garages have sold 1 car each and 4 none at all.

In 15 years of selling Saabs I’ve never seen it so quiet. When the car came out we were told no discounts and no dealer stocking . We now have extra room to discount as well as free nav and 3 month free stocking. Sadly a lot of people have talked the talk when it comes to buying a new Saab but very , very few actually write out a cheque!!!!

Saabs are selling and sales will build, I’m sure. But what we’re hearing here is indeed a worry.