New Saab microsite: Anything But Ordinary

Saab have launched a new microsite, themed around the new TV advertisement titled Anything But Ordinary.

The new microsite is organised around 5 themes (desks):

  • Built around the driver
  • Born on the runway
  • Ready for action
  • Always alert
  • Made in Scandinavia

You click on each desk and what follows is plenty of tricky animation, some of which serves little purpose (sorry – but flying clouds and lined paper?) but the good part is that there are plenty of Saab 9-5 features taking front position on the site and good descriptors telling the viewer what each one does.

If I can make one suggestion (aside from ditching some of the animations that slow down loading) it would be to do something to increase the contrast when the small white written descriptors pop up. I have a great monitor here and I still had to lean in to read what they were saying.