Sunday Night Snippets

Another review of the Saab 9-5, this time from Canada. A little over-written if you ask me, but good and positive over all.

Overall though Saab’s style makes the Germans look even more conservative than usual. As Castriota said, it’s not a design for everyone and it isn’t meant to be. You will love it or hate it, but you will notice it. Have a look for yourself, but we think it’s cool.


An avenging Fangio in a Saab 900?

Let’s start with the video…..


The story behind the video’s an interesting one. The guy in charge is Davey G Johnson, formerly of Jalopnik. He’s got a blog post about how it evolved here.

The artist is a guy named Peter Hughes, who some of you may apparently know from a band called the Mountain Goats (you’ll have to excuse my ignorance here).

Hughes has a blog of his own with some writings about this song, the imagery and his fondness for Saabs. Whilst the song isn’t my cup of tea, the fact that he had a Save Saab sticker on his bass guitar during a performance on national TV is pretty cool.


The model guys at have some new stock and they look sensational.

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