Swedish Car Day – Remember to register


We’re only days away from Swedish Car Day 2010, in Boston.

I’m flying over for the event. Eggs is flying up from Tennessee and there’s going to be a whole bunch of Saab nuts from the north-east around as well. A quick check of the SCD Facebook page tells me that they’ve just had a registration from as far away as Texas as well! That’s a long drive, but it’ll be great to see a Saab from the Lone Star State there, too.

Fine cars, fine people and a fine time!

Aside from the camaraderie of meeting your fellow Saab enthusiasts, the big drawcard of Swedish Car Day is the car show itself. Set on the beautiful grounds of the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts, there will be a great collection of Swedish metal there for you to see.

But why just come and look? Bring your car along to be part of the show!

To do that, the SCD organisers from Charles River Saab need you to register your car for the event. It helps them to plan the space they’ll need, as well as the number of people who’ll be attending.

Once registered, you can be part of something like this….(click)


One of the cars you’ll see is this 9-3 Aero, with a little work done by BSR and Maptun to make it a little more lively. A beautiful example of another Saab ‘sleeper’.

It’s owned by a guy named Max T and he’s going to be there at Swedish Car Day next weekend. I hope you can be there, too!