2011 Saab 9-5 US pricing

NADA guides has published 2011 Saab 9-5 pricing for the US market:

  • 4dr Sdn Aero XWD – MSRP $49,565
  • 4dr Sdn Turbo4 – MSRP $38,525
  • 4dr Sdn Turbo4 Premium – MSRP $43,435
  • 4dr Sdn Turbo6 XWD – MSRP $48,030

I don’t know if this is official yet, as the 2010 price was around $47.5K but then that was a one-model-only range.

It’s good to see four different models on offer now.

You can click through to NADA for the equipment listings. I’m going to wait for a US press release before getting tied to them


This weekend’s a travel weekend once again. I’m in Melbourne and had a great dinner last night with some SU regulars – Turbin, Mike900, Flygirl, Sab, AlAero and SimonP. Fantastic!

Posting may be slower until I get home again.