Autobild photoshop Saab’s future

German magazine Autobild has taken a stab at predicting what the future of Saab might look like, showing their photoshop predictions of a new Saab 9-3, the Saab 9-5 SportCombi and a possible Saab Sonett (they seem to have got their Sonett images from the same source as AMS Sweden).

The 9-3 is the most interesting, I guess, because we saw the Sonett renderings last week and we’ve already seen real, Saab imagery of the 9-5 Combi (though everyone still seems to forget this).

Their rendering of the 9-3, from the front….

AutoBild Saab 9-3

And from the back. The cues from the 9-5 are pretty obvious….

Autobild Saab 9-3 rear

Here’s their rendering of the 9-5 combi, which from my point of view, isn’t quite accurate from the B-pillar back.

AutoBild Saab 9-5 Combi

And, well…… the Sonett is probably best viewed with the AMS Sonett story as it’ll give a bit more background information…..

AutoBild Saab Sonett


From my point of view, I just like the fact that magazines in Germany are writing about Saab again. It’d be a great market for Saab to get some traction in.

My thanks to Lars B (a man with a 4-Saab family, no less) for sending through the imagery!