Saab 9-5 pricing – Greece

Here’s a market we don’t hear about too often.

Despite all the economic turmoil in Greece over the last few years, Chris Z tells me Saab are still popular there and had been doing OK.

Saab have recently announced pricing for the Greek market.

  • Linear 1.6Τ 180hp Μanual €39,500 (no auto box available)
  • Linear 2.0T 220hp Manual €45,250
  • Linear 2.0T 220hp XWD Manual €47,950
  • Aero 2.0T 220hp XWD Manual €55,500
  • Aero 2.0T 220hp XWD Auto €55,500
  • Aero 2.8T 300hp V6 Sentronic XWD Manual €65,500
  • Linear 2.0 TiD 160hp Manual €46,750
  • Aero 2.0 TTiD 190hp XWD Manual €57,000

The new Saab 9-5 is scheduled to hit Greek soil around late October.