Saab Sales Data for the US – August 2010

Sales data for August is in and as with Sweden, there’s no month-to-month growth in August (from July). Stocks are replenishing, however, as vehicles are delivered to dealers and people are coming in to look at them, albeit not quite in the numbers that dealers might like just yet.

There have been some other teething problems, too, in getting vehicles cleared for testing and sale. These are all things that SCNA are going to have to sort out and get on top of – and pretty quickly, too.

Things are improving, but I guess you could say the pace of improvement could use some turboboost.


Saab 9-3……..277 (stock: 3,425)
Saab 9-5……….13 (stock: 334)


There are just 5 units of the 9-7x left for sale in the US now, though none of these were sold in August.