Trading Black for Black – and loving it

Via email from Dan P….. this one’ll show up in SCNA’s September numbers 🙂


Just dropping in to inform you one 2010 9-3X was purchased last night from True Saab in Downers Grove, IL, as a replacement for a Turbo X which proved to be woefully impractical for its female owner. I understand this dealer had recently gone through some dramatic ownership changes, and I want to report that the new owners and staff are exceedingly friendly, helpful, and approachable. They worked pretty hard to put together a great package and ease her nerves. Kudos to True Saab!

Anyway on with the 9-3X (and one pic of the Turbo X traded in):

The outgoing Turbo X…….

And the incoming Saab 9-3x…..

And from another angle, and you’re darn right I want fries with that……

The family garage……grainy at night, but very, very nice.

A further report from Dan today says “It is a great car, I’m very VERY impressed with it.”

I was impressed with the Saab 9-3x when I drove it in Sweden, too. It seems to give the SportCombi body a new sense of purpose.

I’d have one tomorrow, easy.