Translate “Kampen om Saab” – please!

UPDATED: for clarification as to which book might be translated.

There have been two books about the Saab sale released recently.

Joran Hagglund’s “Saabaffären inifrån” (The SAAB deal from the inside) takes a look at the deal from an insider’s point of view.

The other book is “Kampen om Saab” (The Fight for SAAB) by Swedish journalist Jonas Fröberg.

Jörgen Trued reviewed both Saab books recently. He gave Hagglund’s book 2 out 5 turbos and Fröberg’s book received 4 out of 5 turbos.

For those of you blessed with the Sweidsh language, the Fröberg book is now available online at a very reasonable 174 SEK. Click here to see the book at Adlibris.


The rest of us have to wait and hope that there might be an English translation of the book. The Hagglund camp have already ruled out a translation, but whispers are that Fröberg is slightly open to the idea.

I know I’d buy one.

I got an email from the Swedish publisher of Fröberg’s book a few days ago, so they’re checking in here from time to time.

What I’d like to do is give them an idea as to how many people from SU would be interested in reading a copy of the book in English. Maybe if we get enough people from this small sample, they might be persuaded to look further into a translation.

So – would you be interested? Comments are open.

Note: It’s just the Fröberg book that seems to be a candidate for translation at this point.