Anywhere to rent a Saab in LA?

I have a feeling the answer to this one is going to be a negative, but I’m all for trying to help out a Saab brother in need of some good wheels on his vacation…..

From the SandySaab:

I was hoping I could ask for any hints and tips in regard to renting a Saab (any Saab) in US.

I am going on vacation with my family to Los Angeles and San fransisco and will rent a car for about a week at each location. Now, wouldn’t it be great to drive a newer Saab in CA? I really want that, and have been looking around, but seems to be rather difficult.

I managed to contact one dealer who did not do weekly rentals, and no main street company rent Saab. So far, I’ve only manage to find a rather suspect rental company renting a vert, but that was way expensive and we are 4 people, the vert would be to small.

Calling around from my home in the big sand box (Dubai) is impractical, so I was hoping for this community and all the us based friends…

Any hints, tips, suggestions would be appreciated.

If anyone’s got any helpful suggestions, comments are open.