Cali buyers – what Saabs do you want?

I got an “anonymous” email from a friend in the US today. That person got an email from someone they know who is starting up a Saab dealership.

Their conundrum – they have to have their order for cars in tomorrow.

They emailed my contact to get an idea as to what configurations people like and due to the possibility of conflicting geographical tastes (my contact isn’t in California) my contact has emailed me – asking me to ask you.


So – if you’re located in Northern California – what sort of configurations are you looking for there?

In the 9-3: XWD vs FWD? Body style? Best colors? Transmission? Options?

In the 9-5: 6cyl vs 4cyl? Colors? Options?

The floor is yours if you live in Northern Cali. This dealer’s on the clock, so get to it.