Jason Castriota talks aerodynamics

The following video isn’t Saab related.

What it is, is Jason Castriota talking about the aerodynamic factors that have to be considered when designing a car. In this instance, the car he’s talking about is the Bertone Mantide.

I’ve posted it here for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the replacement for the Saab 9-3 is reportedly in wind tunnel testing right now, so it’s kinda topical.

Second, it’s a good way for me to let you know that I spent an hour on the phone with Jason Castriota this morning, finishing off the interview we started a few weeks ago.

It’ll take a few days to transcribe and edit, so you can expect the full SU interview with Jason Castriota to appear here on Saabs United some time next week.

Until then, enjoy some aerodynamics talk.


Thanks to WooDz for the tip on the video.