Saab 9-3 in Java Metallic

Up until now, we’ve had to make do with virtual images of Saab’s new Java Metallic colour. We’ve heard good things about it from a few people who have seen it around THN, but we haven’t seen any real photos of the colour.

That’s up until now.

This car isn’t in full natural sunlight, but I think you’ll get the idea of the effect. It’s called Java Metallic, but I take my caffeine cold, so I’ll call it Coke 🙂

Click, and note the new 9-3 badging, too.

Java Metallic Saab 9-3

This car was at a dealership called Bilforum AB in Kungsängen, just outside Stockholm. The images appear on a site called Bytbil, and were brought to my attention via Tobias at Buzz.

Java Metallic Saab 9-3

I can’t wait to see this colour in person and ‘drink it in’.

Sorry…… I’m making Dad jokes now.

Java Metallic Saab 9-3

Thanks again, Tobias.