Saab GB offering loyalty bonus

The word from well placed sources is that Saab GB are now offering a loyalty bonus to current and former Saab owners on the purchase of a MY2010 or MY2011 Saab.

If you own a Saab at the moment, or you have proof of past ownership, you could be eligible for £3,000 in savings on either a 9-5 or a 9-3 (see below about the 9-3, it varies).

Here’s the official wording:

£3,000 Saab Loyalty offer*
For both current, and past owners of a Saab car… Saab Great Britain are pleased to announce that your loyalty is being rewarded with a £3,000* discount on a new Saab 9-3 or new Saab 9-5 registered before 31st December 2010 ….. and with the 2.5% VAT increase due 1st January 2011, this surely means there has never been a better incentive to get behind the wheel of a new Saab

* Terms and Conditions apply:
Loyalty reward includes VAT. £3,000 saving on any model year 9-5, whilst on the 9-3 range, the loyalty offer is £3,000 on a MY2010 but drops to £2,500 support on a factory order MY2011 car.

Note that the car has to be registered by December 31st, so custom orders for MY2011 cars would need to be in earlier than that – probably early November – to ensure delivery on time to claim the discount.