Saab GB sales data – September 2010 (and some smaller markets, too)

Sales figures for Great Britain are out in the open and on the surface, it looks like a good month for Saab GB.

Saab sales totalled 1,212 vehicles, which was up 10.89% on the sales in the same month last year (1,093 sales).

Sales for the year to date are still down by 37% compared to last year (4,177 vs 6,656).

This looks like a great result and in many respects, it is. We’ve already been told in comments, however, that these figures included an undiclosed number of pre-registrations, which means dealers making vehicles look like they’re sold, when in fact they aren’t.

Note, the number is undisclosed. Note also, that there were most likely some pre-reg vehicles in last year’s September figures as well, so this year’s rise could well be a genuine rise as the figures suggest.


Other markets are still struggling. Really struggling. September sales were as follows in smaller markets:

Germany: 59 vehicles (vs 70 last year)

Holland: 35 vehicles (vs 23 last year)