Free postage on T-Shirts for North America

I haven’t written about our little T-shirt shop for a while, but our shirt provider, Spreadshirt, has an offer on for the next week that’s worth writing about.

Don’t shoot the messenger, but there is just a little more than 6 weeks left till Christmas. Don’t panic! That’s just for people who wait until the 23rd to start their gift shopping. Good things come to those who wait plan accordingly. So, if you are already thinking about the right gift for your gift list: this free shipping promotion is a great way to start!

Order from our wide selection of gift ideas before November 14th and enter the coupon code SHOPEARLYUS (or CADSHOPEARLY for Canada) when going through checkout.

Of course, if no-one else in your family is thinking of a Saab T-Shirt for you, you might want to email this post to them (see sharing options below).

Ivan’s got plenty of great designs at the shop and you can use the SU DIY Shop to customise your shirt in any number of ways.

Saab Turbo Shirt