Saab and the art of camouflage – part II

The Art of Camouflage is a clothing retailer in Holland. In late October, I featured a promotional video they’d made, which featured the new Saab 9-5 quite prominently.

You can watch it here if you like, though I don’t think it’s necessary to understand what’s happening here.

It seems they’ve done a sequel to the original video, or perhaps an extension is more appropriate. It’s been adapted for a particular event coming soon…..



It took me a moment to get who the secret falconer was, so for those not familiar with Dutch folklore (like me) I sought out an explanation from Jos (thanks!)….

it is our traditional Sinterklaas, a bishop that comes in early December and brings gifts for the kids Hence the papal dress.

In early colonial America, when New York was still New Amsterdam, the legends were mixed up [a little and the outfit changed]

So now you know.

More good work by Art of Camouflage.