Saabs arriving in Canada

We’ve been following the story of Saab’s rebirth in Canada for a long time.

It gives me great pleasure to pass on these photos, supplied by Bernard C and Simon M, showing some of the first Saabs to arrive at dealerships there.

These were spotted in Ottawa by Bernard, who saw eight cars in total (but there could have been more getting prepped out the back). It was a mix of 2.0T and V6 engines in the 9-5, with at least one of the 2.0T’s having a manual transmission.

The dealer also received a 9-3 or two in the shipment as well.

Aparently there will be a function next week to show off the new stock.


This Saab 9-5 popped up at SAAB Suzuki de la Capitale in Quebec City late last week. As photographed by Simon M.