SaabUSA site now available on iPad

Saab are in the process of migrating the US site to a unified global template but in the meantime, there have been some mild updates to the standard site.

This first came to my attention when Kurt K emailed me all excited about the fact that he could finally view a rendering of the US site on his iPad:

Saab USA iPad

It’s great to see they’ve got this sorted out (and I hope it’s a big, big priority for the global site, which needs to be compatible with mobile devices).

How significant is this?

As far as SU is concerned, mobile devices aren’t a huge part of my regular traffic. They make up about 2% of the visit total here. But within that 2% – which is growing, by the way – the iPad represents close to 50% of the mobile device segment. Within a few months of its release, the iPad is close to being the mobile device used more than all others combined.

It’s primarily a reader and a lot of websites are crafting their iPad offerings carefully as the device offers a pretty rich experience. Get it right, and people will keep coming back.

Anyway, it’s good to see they’ve made a start and hopefully there will be more to come very soon.