Tuesday Snippets – Cool edition

Real-life work is ganging up on me this week, so things might be slower than usual. Here’s a grab bag of stuff to keep you going while I try to stay cool and get things done, like my pal to the right.


Victor Muller has been in Detroit recently, wining and dining some local pundits there including the Detroit Free Press’ Mark “The Love” Phelan:

It’s anybody’s guess whether Saab will recover from its near-death experience this year, but the Swedish brand will soon have the strongest vehicle lineup in its 73-year history thanks to investments by former owner GM and ceaseless deal-making by new owner Victor Muller.

Hey, what’s 10 years between friends?

Muller expects Saab to be profitable when the new 9-3 arrives in 2012. “We sold 125,000 cars in 2007, when the model line consisted of a 10-year-old 9-5 and seven-year-old 9-3,” he said. “In 2012, we will have the broadest and newest model line in the company’s history, and our break-even point will be 80,000 to 85,000 sales.”

Hey, what’s 3 years between friends?

Date issues aside, it’s a good read. Nothing new there for the well travelled Saaber, but good to see Saab in the news in the Motor City.

And Victor looks cool in the photo, too.


I’ve heard that Saab have started an investigation into the Saab 9-5 that caught fire in Linkoping over the weekend. I’m keeping an ear to the ground but as suspected, the cause is thought to be a non-factory-authorised engine heater.


The Chevy Volt is a lot of things (to me, at least): a genuine breakthrough, stylistically dated, revolutionary, visually challenged.

But it does have a really cool and useful app.


Via SaabActu, a video mashup featuring Saab, Tron and the dog from what is quite possibly the coolest Saab video never officially made – Blackbird. Cool.



Also from Saab Actu, a note that Saab France and moved to a new location. Nice spot. Cool.


Apparently Saab sponsored Manchester City back in the 1980s.

You can get this replica jersey from Kitbag. Retro-cool.


Saab will be showing an ad during Monday Night Football next week. Keep an eye out.

I’m not sure what game it’ll be, but it probably won’t be at the Metrodome in Minnesota, where conditions could be understated as being ….. cool.


A listing of 11 Ice Cold Scandinavian Cars, featuring a Koenigsegg and two Saabs. Should have been more. Ice Cold.


Finally, here’s an interesting read about some of the worst selling cars in the US.

Small cars aren’t doing so well, and the Subaru Tribeca (not a small car but one Saab could have built an SUV from a few years ago) gets some special unwanted attention at the bottom.

Not cool.

20 thoughts on “Tuesday Snippets – Cool edition

  1. Well good to hear the Victor is still thinking about another 125,000 Saab year. Here is some more good news, on a very local basis, but good news all the same. I had a breakdown on the 9-5 ( older model) and had it tow to the dealer, Legends in North Scottsdale AZ. They kept the car for 4 days and tested everything they could to find the cause, crank but no start. Finally they came to the believe that it is a sensor in it first stages of failure, but that replacement can wait for a little while. Just clear the transmission up and down a couple of times and it’s fine. The dealer picked up my wife drove her to the dealership and gave her the car back. The total of the bill? $0.00 including the car wash, yes I said $ 0.00 dollars for about 4 hours of work. Guess where my next Saab repair going to go?

  2. Piqued by the photo of the sadly burnt 9-5 lead me to investigate the 9-3’s and Chevrolets where I work. The 9-3 with a majority of the Chevys share the same plastic composite for the hoods along with the 9-5. Must be to cut down on the weight of the cars and easier to mold the aerodynamic shape of the hoods vs. metal.

    As for the commerical next Monday night’s football game, hope Saab uses the footage that Blackbird used of the 9-5 in Germany and not the changing perspective theme. Visually more captivating 🙂

  3. Saab sponsored MCFC in the 80’s? Cool! A mate of mine is a big MCFC fan, just ordered him one of those jersey.

    Would normally get one myself, but I just can’t get past the fact that they’re rich Arab daddy’s pet club these days.

  4. Crazy weekend around here (even if not quite to the level of Halloween 1991). Still, got around fine today, and with the brutal cold that has followed the snow, it has been nice to illustrate for the people who ask me: “But what do you do in the winter? Doesn’t it get cold?” that a Saab convertible top can handle the nastiest of conditions as well as any hard top.

  5. I visited Calgary’s only SAAB dealership today to see the new 9-5. They had two base models, both without sunroofs and the Glacier Silver one looked terrific. These are the first I’ve seen in person and they look far better than in photos. Also, they did not look as large as I thought they would.

    The youngish salesman referred to the colour as Glacier Blue. That was after he told me the 9-5 was built on the same chassis as a Buick but is longer. He said these 9-5s arrived last Friday but had yet to be PDId. What are they waiting for?? When I said I’ve seen no local advertising at all he stated they were going to do so in January when more cars and the sales brochures will arrive. That’s right, not a single brochure was on hand.

    My interest lies in the 9-3 SC and what I found out bothers me. The only 9-3 SC with XWD offered to us Canadians is the substantially highed-priced 9-3X. You can get a 9-3 SC but it’s FWD only; it starts at around $36,000 CAD. So those of us wanting a SC w/XWD but without the goofy-lloking plastic bits are out of luck.

    • They may be waiting for the Saab tech rep to make his way out west. He’s on a cross-Canada trip training all of the dealership techs. I met him in Ottawa last week.

    • “These are the first I’ve seen in person and they look far better than in photos.”

      Unfortunately this is a common problem, the 9-5 is just not very photogenic. Another Saab driver mentioned to me that he wasn’t interested in the new 9-5 because it looks too much like a Cadillac. I had the same perception until I finally saw the car in the metal, it then looks much more sleek and attractive. So, that’s another hurdle, have to convince people to come and see the real thing instead of relying photographs. Or just get as many of the things on the road as possible.

  6. Ummm… What’s so cool about the Volvo XC90??? And what’s uncool about all other Saabs?

    PS. The “Autos Yahoo.com” piece is garbage. Half of the cars are Suzukis, and it’s obvious that when your management and marketing are in coma and you stopped your product development a few years ago in anticipation of the VW merger, your sales will tank. The rest are simply old cars. If your car is ugly, plasticky and old and has all-new attractive competition (Yaris), it’s sales will tank, same for screwing up a successful model (Scion xD). I hate it when pseudo-journalists don’t do their research, take a singular piece of whatever and make an article out of it.

  7. Also from Saab Actu, a note that Saab France and moved to a new location. Nice spot. Cool.

    It seems like many country organizations are on the move.
    Saab USA moved away from GM
    Saab Germany has moved from Opel in Rüsselsheim to Frankfurt, and now they are having the same address as the Saab dealer in Frankfurt.
    Saab in Italy has moved to town near by Bologna (near by Maranello or Sant’Agata 😉 )

  8. The Chevy Volt is a lot of things (to me, at least): a genuine breakthrough, stylistically dated, revolutionary, visually challenged.

    But it does have a really cool and useful app.

    The App is really cool, its called Mylink and is available for many MY 11 GM cars of any brand.
    The App is available for iOS (3.1.2) and Android (2.1).

    GM may be devil, but OnStar is quite cool.

  9. The Bears are playing the Vikings next Monday, possibly in Minneapolis. This should be a good game in the NFC north. I’ll watch for the ad.

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