Saab to kick off independence anniversary with US ad blitz

The deal was closed in February 2010, but the initial deal to sell Saab to Spyker Cars was actually agreed on January 26th.

I’ve heard earlier today that it will be on this date in 2011 that Saab kick off a big advertising blitz in the United States, including:

  • Four straight days of significant ads in the Wall Street Journal
  • Ads on cable channels – Discovery, Food Network, NatGeo, History, Travel etc
  • Billboards in major US cities (kudos to all who talked about billboards a few months ago)

It’ll be interesting to see the content of the print and TV ads as they come online.

The good news is that this campaign is apparently scheduled to run until April. That’s a long time to tell a story. I trust they’re going to tell the right one.

I believe the update to the SaabUSA website is due to come online very soon, too, so it’s going to be very helpful to have these points of customer contact properly sorted.

Things are moving, people.

32 thoughts on “Saab to kick off independence anniversary with US ad blitz

  1. Interesting to see how works out, I hope it’s cost effective. Shame that 9-4X is not available until May.

    Hoping good convertible season for the Saab in the USA.

  2. This is LONG OVERDUE! I am very excited to see what the Saab media dept have come up with.

    Last commercial I saw or heard was on XM satellite radio, well over a year ago.

  3. I look forward to the Saab profile being raised here in the US. I also am a big believer in well placed billboard advertising with short, pithy messages and compelling shots of a Saab in action. I wonder which agency will be responsible for this round.

  4. I look forward to the Saab profile being raised here in the US. I am also a big believer in well placed billboard advertising wih short, pithy messages and compelling shots of a Saab in action. I wonder which agency will be responsible for this round. PS Swade – pls delete my prior two messages mistyped as Padsan and awaiting moderation. Apologies.

  5. To use a facebook term “like”. Hopefully the dealers will be able to exploit this effectively.

  6. Let’s hope this ad barrage sells some vehicles…I am however, no longer in the market.

    I am pleased to announce delivery of my 6th Saab…a 2011 9-5.

    Thank you to the Saab loyalists out their who made this possible.

    I love my new Saab and look forward to many happy miles of driving pleasure.

    Again – Thanks to all for keeping Saab alive – especially the people connected with this website.

    Long Live Saab!

    “Perian” –

    • Great work Perian! and congratulations. Just a question – what is this gminsidenews thing? Are you nesting in and spreading the word πŸ˜‰

      And Thank you! Buying a new Saab is the best support you can give.

      • No nesting here…just wanted to thank the people of this website for helping make me so very happy with my new vehicle.

        I can not help but think that websites like this one, GMI and others played a small roll in keeping the brand alive. It was (and still is) great to see the Saab ‘community’ in action!

  7. This is not a moment too soon, especially the billboards. Not everyone reads the Wall Street Journal and there are so many cable channels.

    One thing a billboard does it advertises the driver of a car and in a large city people see the same ad (repetition, repetition) each commute. I hope the ad show the 95 as I have met Saab owners of older models and they did not know that it even existed.

    This has to turn things to the positive direction. Great News.

  8. And the Superbowl is up soon. Superexpensive yes, but think of the impact. I’m tired of seeing Hyndais and Kia on those events, should be. -We are alive and the current models are awesome! πŸ™‚

  9. It feels like something else also will happen on the independence day.. Maybe the concept car for geneva or the facelifted 9-3?

  10. I agree with other individuals chiming in the need to run the campaign throughout 9-4x introduction as well.

    Can’t wait to see what comes about!

  11. Completely off topic: haven’t heard much about the envisaged replacement of the Spyker holding company for a name with ‘Saab’ in it. I would very much like to see the name ‘Spyker’ disappear in favour of Saab (which very much reflects the status of Saab within the group). I realise that discussions with Saab AB seem to be dragging on. Is there any more news than ‘we are discssuing this with Saab AB’? Perhaps we have to wait until May for more news on this?

  12. Fantastic news. That should get the message out there that we are well and truly here and here to stay.

  13. And nothing has gotten leaked yet? Thats amazing, usually we know the commercials, etc before they hit.

    I’m sure I will see the cable commercials but thats about it. I doubt there will be billboard ads since we lost our Saab dealer here.

  14. It is disheartening when I see car commercial after car commercial on TV, and none of them are Saab’s. A blitz on those cable channels is a great start, but hitting the “major” US networks during prime-time is a “must”, in my small opinion. Coupled with bold styling, much of Hyundai’s recent US success is due to their ad blitz. I know the money is tight for Saab, but I don’t think I can name a successful manufacturer that doesn’t advertise in prime-time US TV.

  15. Saab billboards will be great. Save the TV money IMO. Ads on buses / subways, and billboards are cheaper and better. Make the image powerful and the text simple.

    Saab can have a great future, as long as they get through the next 24 months. I am again and again impressed that Saab knows what they are doing. I still believe they are pricing wrongly in the US market by 10-20%. I was just at a dealer this week… most of the cars were 2010s with discounts of around 25%. I heard this straight from the salesman’s mouth. I feel the US market would buy more Saabs if their MSRP were closer to their transaction price. A 9-3 is way more fun than an Altima.

    • Leasing has to be seriously addressed – I would prefer Saab propping up residuals rather than discounting the cars so much which tears down residuals. That’s how you will see more new Saabs running around the US.

      • Right. And to only sell car that are premium (well optioned) and keeping on the constant advertising -year in year out- that Saab is the safe, fun, trustworthy (smart) choice will eventually pay off in high(er) residual value as it will create a demand for used Saabs.

        The ad people must come out with the arguments to attract the smart people or it won’t work.

  16. I’d imagine there will be a decent-sized presence in the Boton/New England area. Finally saw my first NG9-5 last weekend. Still had the 19″ summer tires on, which I’d guess are a bit of a handful in the snow.

    But all in all, I can’t wait to see the new ads.

  17. Comment: I think they should feature the 9-4x on the billboards. Probably one on the I-294 North heading to Wisconsin.

  18. Spreading the news and having NO representation at all at the Philadelphia Auto Show is counterproductive,counterintuitive and a contradiction in terms!

  19. Good news πŸ™‚ I hope they also start using more ‘attention grabbing’ colours in their ads – perhaps a few red and blue cars etc., I always wonder if the constant silver/white colour schemes seem anonymmous or get lost. Maybe some action shots, too. The Saabs always seem to be static in their ads, or at least that’s my perception.

    However, as long as they avoid a Volvo ‘Naughty’-like campaign, I’ll be happy enough! Silly old Volvo, how that got the OK I shall never know…

    • I agree on the silly “naughty” Volvo ads I have been hearing on the radio, real immature if you ask me.

  20. The Naughtiest thing I saw recently at a Volvo dealership was an S-60 t-6 with a $52,000 M.S.R.P……….why isn’t the automotive press bitching about that pricing?

  21. Please SAAB, use the “Release Me” commercial again! That one gives me goose bumps, just saw it on youtube πŸ™‚ If they used that (of course using a new Saab) costummers would remember Saab and the “release” theme is qiute a-spot-on-message now!

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