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An article from automotive news spiked my interest this morning. As GM tries to consolidate its dealership network into a tighter more integrated group, some dealers face the threat of becoming used car dealerships or worse, shutting down. These same dealers are now applying to become Saab and Volvo dealers.

Which leads me more to this question for US readers– what’s going on with your dealer? Is their stock finally replenished to where it was a few years ago? If your Saab dealer was part of a larger automotive group (especially GM brands), has your dealer segregated its showroom space to a different building? You’ll remember GM set a deadline of 3 years to achieve this goal. From Swade’s interview with Mike Colleran last September:

Second, the requirement to have separate showroom space was one that GM and Saab/Spyker agreed upon when signing the deal to sell Saab. In short, there was a three-year time period set and all selling spaces should be separated by that time (Feb 2013). Connected to that is the fact that it’s quite normal for brand management, whether it be GM, BMW or Audi, to ask dealers for separate space on their lots.

If your dealer has multiple brands, how do you feel they’re doing pushing Saab vs. other makes? Have you been contacted by your dealer recently to come in to see their new inventory (aside from the standard SCNA mailers for national service promotions).


Speaking of new dealers, last month Barrett Motor Cars in San Antonio, Texas announced it will be adding Saab in its own new showroom and Fisker to their group. They also sell Jaguar, Ferrari, and Maserati. Not bad company to be with.


Again, it’s New Salem Saab’s 50th birthday. If you live in the Albany area and are on facebook, head on over to their page and give them a “Like.” Daryl is a great friend to the site and goes out of his way to get to know his customers, those in the greater Albany area should do the same.

–– focuses on new car sales in the US and shows that Saab is improving in some ways, but still way behind in several key areas– the difference in price between retail and actual sales price (discount percentage), days in inventory, and total incentives. Clearly we’ve got a way to go. Their website’s actually a pretty good place to check out for detailed information on what prices are like in your area. For example, here’s what a loaded 9-5 Aero goes for. Compare that to a BMW 535xi with the same options (as close as I could make them). These cars are a seriously good value, something is wrong with the advertising message.


Finally, I’d like to mention one of the things I’ll be working on in the next few weeks and months for the site. Up until now, we’ve had a showroom tab that Steven set up to show press information about the new 9-5. One new function I’d like to incorporate into the site is a more user based review system, good and bad, featuring reviews from us instead of the typical sources of all new models. Think of it as the car equivalent to, a site where you can actually see what your hotel room will look like from real customers.

We’re not trying to compete with Saab’s official web presence in any way, we’re more looking to help support them in their efforts to have authentic, independent research for consumers looking to buy a new Saab. In a conversation with my dealer’s owner the other day, he mentioned how frustrating it is that he can’t send a customer to a competitive analysis table showing the value you’re getting for your money vs. BMW and Audi. We want to help him and any other dealers out by making that information easier to find.

All articles will be submitted through the writers, so don’t worry about random spam posts there, we’ll still be curating it. As part of this section, I’d like to hear from customers who looked at other brands but ended up choosing Saab. Competitive price tables that show how much better a value Saabs are will also be featured in our own virtual showroom, along with user submitted content and videos featuring newly purchased Saabs in an archive for each model. Our own Rune with his 9-5 or Till72 with his 9-3x come to mind as excellent examples. If you have any other ideas or brainstorms you might like to see as part of this functionality, sound off in comments or shoot us an email.

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  1. The Saabs have disappeared from Scoggin-Dickeys’ website. The Saabs were physically on the lot Sunday.

    What gives?

    • Scoggin-Dickeys’ website is back up and showing all their Saabs except the new 2008 Turbo X, which does not show either under new cars or used cars. But, it was on the lot this past Sunday.

  2. On the topic of dealers, I have started a current U.S. dealer map that I need other U.S. Saabers to help me out with. Please click here to add your local dealer.

    • I really need a SAAB dealer to return to Shreveport, Louisiana. The Air Force is moving us there this summer and that means our TurboX and 2010 9-5 Aero move with us! If anyone hears anything, please let me know. Otherwise, it is a 160+ mile drive to Dallas … which isn’t altogether bad unless the SAAB that needs service cannot be driven there!

      – E

    • I think you should double check Saab of Milford in Connecticut. It looks like its become a Chevrolet store.

      • Saab of Milford moved up the street. Their old facility is becoming a Chevrolet store. Saab has moved to the former Kia store owned by the same group.

        I was there last week for service and the place needs a lot of work yet to get to the level of the old place.

    • I just added 3 dealers below. Maybe some instructions would help. Think I did it right, and I dragged them into correct sort position. However, I see some new entries are out of alphabetical order.
      Armando’s, Inc.
      4340 Boardman Canfield Rd, Canfield, Ohio 44406

      Classic Cadillac Saab
      8470 Tyler Blvd, Mentor, Ohio 44060

      Saab of Bedford
      11 Broadway Ave, Bedford, Ohio 44146

    • I could not figure out how to add a dealer but here is the one in Orlando.

      Massey Cadillac Saab of Orlando
      4241 North John Young Parkway
      Orlando, FL 32804

    • As of 5pm pacific time on March 24th, we’re at 111 U.S. dealers on the list, so there must be 75+ remaining to be added.

  3. Brother Jeff: “Saab is improving in some ways”…How? we’re 4th from the bottom on one scale and bottom of the other! [Granted Daimler/Mercedes has a rather embarrassing score too].

    Bit dubious of the whole True Car thing. Case in point: Substitute 550 xi for the 535xi and the difference becomes a few thousand dollars. Actually I think they’ve mixed up the two models…

    I’m afraid the trade in value will overcome those few thousand dollars difference. That said if I could find a massively depreciated ’10 9-5 Aero that would still qualify for Hirsch warranty coverage then you’d have an interesting sleeper. We may do that Buffalo thing after all…

    • We have a nice little green “improving arrow,” see it? 😛

      There’s a few 2010s still available in Buffalo, btw.

  4. Yessir, Tim. Have at it, just change the title accordingly.

    I haven’t created a google map before, but I bet someone knows how to make the placemarkers different colors for different countries

    • Peter,

      Good idea. Would you please add Karp SAAB to the map? They are terriffic!

      Karp Saab
      400 Sunrise Highway
      Rockville Centre, NY 11570

      Don’t have a Google account & can’t edit it myself.

      Thanks… 😀

  5. My dealer here in Houston has gotten better with their service, but they don’t do much of anything to try and sell SAABs. They make their money servicing them. They’ve said that to me many times. And they are always trying to sell me a Cadillac 🙁 They have 4 or 5 9-5s and 3 or 4 9-3s. Nowhere close to their previous stock! This is in Houston, Texas.

  6. Oh, and their not interested in Hirsch because they don’t make any money off new cars. They sit on the lot too long. I tried to explain how a Hirshced SAAB would be more appealing to potential customers but I don’t think they get it. I’d buy a Hirsched 9-3 or 9-5 new!

  7. Sewell SAAB is Dallas Texas is no longer selling new SAAB’s. After NUMEROUS attempts to find out why, I have received nothing other than the receptionist politely saying they are no longer selling SAAB’s. I have purchased two new SAAB’s from Sewell and their service had always been outstanding, but obviously, I will no longer be a Sewell customer. They had 3 SAAB locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area and numerous other brands such as Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Infiniti, Lexus, and newly opened Subaru in one of their vacant Hummer locations. If GM needed them to move SAAB away from their precious Cadillac showrooms, then they had plenty of others locations to use. They initially bought around 18 or so 9-5’s, but looking at their site today, they are no longer in stock. I have not seen one on the road here yet. They still show 26 2010 9-3’s, mostly sedans with a few convertibles.
    Rumors are circulation as to who may pick up SAAB in the area, but nothing is concrete and SAAB USA still has Sewell as my local dealer even though I pointed this out to them several months ago. I just hope we have a dealer by the time the new 9-3 comes out…

    • I also got a 9-3 from Sewell several years ago, as I had become enamored with their service. They even had a big showing at the Dallas Auto Show last year with the introduction of the NG9-5–which is why I was taken aback when they too told me they were not selling them anymore. I too wish we’d get a dealership by the time the NG9-3 comes out–ideally that it would be Sewell who would change their mind about it.

      And as you mentioned above, I haven’t seen any NG9-5’s in the DFW area either–fewer Saabs in general too; which is quite sad.

    • This is problematic if they no longer will be an authorized SAAB service provider … this is my closest dealer to Shreveport, Louisiana. Ugh.

      Any other SAAB dealers/service centers in Dallas area?

      – E

  8. Here in Boston there are several stand alone dealers within 50 miles. I have used both Charles River as well as Chambers. I bought my 2010 9-5 Aero from Chambers on price. They are on a main city street where there are 5-6 dealerships all closely packed onto 1-2 blocks. The Saab dealership is currently going through a renovation and will share a little curb space with a new Porsche dealership and BMW. Charles River is a stand alone in Watertown MA. Both dealerships have significant inventory and have long employed staffs, fairly knowledgeable about Saab.


  9. Here in Raleigh, North Carolina, there is only one Saab dealer servicing the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. Hendrick Saab in Cary was a Cadillac/Saab/Hummer dealer, but now that Hummer is gone, the Hummer showroom building is being converted to hold Saab…..and Spyker! I have heard that they plan to have a grand opening of the new showroom sometime this spring, but I have not heard a specific date yet. (There is also a Saab indy shop in Durham that is an authorized Saab service location….Swedish Imports, but they are not a dealer.)

    Hendrick has been sending out mailings and e-mails about the new Saab models and special deals from time to time (although they also send me the occasional mailing about deals on Cadillacs also).

  10. Here in WDC, we’ve got two stand-alone Saab dealers; one is part of a chain that sells other cars, too, at different sites. VOB sells BMW, Nissan, and maybe others, but the Saab property is generously sized, and their stock is full. Frank is super service writer, but I haven’t been dazzled by the sales staff. International Motors is where to go for the true Saab-lover’s experience, from the boss man, Kurt, whose beautiful dogs hang around and bring zen atmosphere to the place to mostly stable sales staff to stellar service writers, Bob and David. And there are numerous, excellent indie shops around to do post-warranty work and traffic in experienced Saabs. This area is great for Saab owning and driving.

    • +1 on International Motors. Our first 3 new SAABs were bought there. Awesome experience each time. Salesman for the first two: Ron Sweatman, who eventually left to run a wine making/import business.

      Anyone know if their satellite service center in Potomac Falls, VA is still open? That was 2 miles from our house.

  11. New York City used to have a wonderful dealer, Zumbach. They lost their right to be a Saab dealer when GM mandated a move down the block to a megadealer, Potamkim. They are just the opposite of what a Saab buyer would like in a dealer. Thankfully, they’re gone but still listed on Saab’s web site along with Mayor’s Auto Mall also gone. There’s a Saab dealer in the far reaches of Brooklyn, the only one within the city limits. Over the George Washington Bridge, Parkfield closed abruptly on October, reportedly due to shenanigans from the Ray Van Duren, the owner of the Ramsey auto group. Ramsey now is, or maybe is not, a Saab dealer. Then there’s Beck’s in Yonkers, several on Long Island, and Reinertsen 25 miles west in New Jersey. Manhattan could certainly use a good dealer. And SCNA could certainly pay some attention to their dealer list and make it accurate. I

    Apologies for repeating what I’ve posted previously a few months ago, but it just really burns me up that SCNA can’t edit their dealer list to reflect reality.

  12. I suggest you add General Sales Cadillac Saab to the map:

    1265 Wilmington Pike, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382

    Last time I drove by the dealership, they looked to have a fairly robust inventory of new 9-5s (perhaps 10), a few 9-3Xs and some 9-3s. All-in-all, a healthy collection of vehicles, which makes sense because I believe they are among the top 5 or so Saab dealers nationally in terms of new vehicle sales. That said, when I was at the dealership turning our 9-5 SC Aero in at the end of its lease last October, no one even invited to go for a test drive in the new 9-5, which I thought was odd.

  13. Mike Shaw Saab in Denver is also a Chevy dealer. Saab has their own sales space and have a few 9-5s and twenty or so 9-3s on the lot. Their layout could use some help since the majority of their cars sit behind the building so from the street the dealership looks like there isn’t much for sale. Their service reps have always been great and I’ve had nothing but good experiences there while getting my car worked on…though the waiting area looks awful. If Saab wants to attract more customers then I’m guessing (like the dealer here) most dealers will need a make over to help.

  14. Hello from CHICAGO!

    OK here is the deal from my corner of the world. Currently SAAB is only represented by the Perillo Automotive Group in Chicago. They also have a major flagship BMW dealer downtown that is lavish and provides prime visibility for the BMW brand. Their SAAB dealership is in…. and I am not kidding…….. inside a parking garage! Good luck finding it if you are not familiar with the city and forget about offering ANY visibility for the SAAB brand. The only thing that makes up for the horrendous location is the staff. They have tried their best to be attentive and professional. I guess I should be grateful I have a dealer to go to for service of my vehicle. I just wish I could give them a space that is more deserving of the SAAB brand like their BMW location. Believe me with the winters we have in Chicago, this should be one of their TOP markets. SAAB simply does not have enough exposure in on of the wealthiest cities in the USA. In contrast, there are several very good and well run dealers outside of the city in both the north and south suburbs. CHICAGO COULD REALLY USE A GOOD SAAB DEALER.

    • So true William. I have a few friends out in Chicago, and while they like Perillo, its location and the way its crammed in there on Chicago with the Lincoln dealer is less than ideal. Its proximity to North/Clybourn is nice though, but they really should be able to sell more cars in Chicago given your winters. Hopefully once the 9-4x, we’ll see a new push.

  15. And no, no other SAAB dealers in the area. I have heard rumors as to who may be getting them, but nothing concrete. French’s Foreign Car works on SAAB’s. Their site even mentions honoring extended warranties, but not sure about factory warranties. I have not tried them yet.

  16. I can fix jets but not correctly place a marker on the friggen map. I think I placed it 4 times, Perhaps Peter can fix my mess….

    Fred Beans Cadillac Buick GMC Saab of Doylestown
    841 N. Easton Road Doylestown, PA 18902

  17. Stopped by International Motors in Falls Church, Virginia (DC burbs) and they have been a long time, SAAB-only dealership. They had about 10-15 new 9-5’s and about 30 9-3’s. I did my first test drive of the V6 aero – WOW. Would be a big possibility of me losing my license with that car. Had a couple of hot shot fart-canned Hondas and a few Bimmers try to Bogart my place on the Beltway a few times. I think they were left wondering “What was that silver streak”.

  18. Missing is Perillo Saab in Chicago, but they really don’t seem to be a devoted saab dealer. They really push used cars at their dealership and fancy themselves as a used car outlet primarily. They also sell/service Lincoln. Time will tell, and I hope I am wrong, but saab doesnt really have an ally here.

  19. Smithtown Saab in Suffolk County, NY (Long Island) is the only Saab dealer left in Suffolk. I just added it to the map. They used to have at least one Saab in the showroom, at least one in front, and several in the front row over on the used lot. As of my last visit, there are no more Saabs in the showroom, none in the front, and they have taken ALL the Saabs out of the first few rows on the used side (except two 9-7X’s which were in the second row there).

    It looks like they have given up on Saabs and decided to go all-in with VW’s. My last visit, I wanted them to do a couple Tech 2 things on my 9-5. Very common things like make the temp gauge read real temp, turn off the “Service Theft Alarm” message (I removed the batteries from my 9-5) and turn the “shift up” light back on that someone else turned off. I was told this could not be done. I even spoke to the tech and he said the car has what it has, you can’t tell it not to do the shift up, can’t tell it to use the horn instead of the alarm siren. Clearly they don’t have competent techs there, even though the service folks are very friendly.

    I was considering buying my next Saab from them, but their total lack of support for Saab gives me no reason to go to them for anything. If I do even decide to make my next car a Saab (and this is no where near a sure bet) when my two 9-5’s have given up the ghost, it will most likely be purchased from a dealer that cares about the brand.

  20. Hello from Puerto Rico!
    We have only 1 dealer for the whole island: Royal Motors. They have very few new models. 2 MY’10 9-3, 1 NG 9-5 1 MY’09 9-3 and 1 MY’08 9-3!!!! Can u believe they have an unsold 2008 9-3!! Saab is pretty much a secret in Puerto Rico. Their service advisors are friendly but service takes forever. But our Saab gets burried under the Cadi, Buick, and Hyundai cars on the lot.

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