Saab 9-5 MY 12 interior updates

UPDATE: On there are some news about the different variants of the materials that will be available.

Now there are some more variants: Carbon Black with a sporty look, brushed metal or wood in a dark colour that will be Scandinavian.

I suppose that this pictures are from the carbon black variant.

There is also the talks of a rear-view camera like on the 9-4x.

I promised better pictures of the interior update for the 9-5, and although I may get some professional photos, this are my best try for the beginning.

This is the instrument panel fascia.

And this is a door panel.

Red J

33 thoughts on “Saab 9-5 MY 12 interior updates

  1. Thanks Red, looks vey good, great improvement. Just hope it is oleofobic and scratch resistant…

  2. I don’t even care if it’s less scratch resistant. It’s miles ahead of the matte plastic. Phew.

  3. Congratulations to the supplier of those “carbon”, “titanium” etc. panels, who just got a big contract, but any news on the plasticky bits – window switch panels and headrest backs?

    When shall we see the Android in the 9-5 instead of the GM-derived system?

  4. Look great! Are they line-dependent: Like only in Aero and the crappy plastic in Linear? Or are all models getting this upgrade?

  5. Nice!

    Now let’s hope that they:
    * Change the leather qulity. The leather in the 9-3 feels like leather but the leather in the 9-5 feels like plastic.
    * Fixes so that you can get a real parchment interior in the Aero. Now the plastic is still black even if you choose parchment leather. Strange!
    * Get rid of that cacoa brown plastic in the parchment Vector interior. Brown in a car? No please!

    About the PhoeniX: Fantastic! Maybe I don’t love every detail but the car as a whole is really nice!

    • * Get rid of that cacoa brown plastic in the parchment Vector interior. Brown in a car? No please!

      No, we don’t hope that. I think the cocoa looks very good in combination with parchment.

  6. Looks very nice, the carbon fiber. Totally appropriate for sporty (Vector trim) interiors. I continue to believe, however, that nicely finished, real from a tree wood veneer would blow away the competition and be well received by the luxury (Arc trim) buyers.

  7. That’s a strange-looking material. Looks a bit like black jeans cloth. A denim dashboard, hmm… Would at least be unique. 🙂

  8. From the TTELA article: …högljudd kollisionsvarning. (loud collision warning system for the 9-5)
    Excellent! No automatic ovloV type (surprise) braking. SAAB is really listening. Impressive.

    PS. Hope the matte dash stays as an option for some ‘nuts’ like myself.

  9. We have seen the dark wood panel in photos from Singapore.
    Now we have seen the carbon panel.
    In both cases the whole panel is changed – mid-console to the other side of the steering wheel.
    The brushed metal panel must be irresistible.

  10. Good to see wooden dash also. With metal trim, wood, carbon, matte plastic and hirsch leather it will be a good list of options. Just need to see black alcantara for ceiling, pillar and up side of dash

  11. Looking good but Saab really need to replace those inner door handles with aluminum ones like my 9-3SS has. Its just about the only negative thing I can see in the 9-5.

  12. Big improvement…lets make sure the materials are high quality or it won’t address the criticisms aimed at the car.Automobile Magazine on-line just savaged the car!

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