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March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Letter from Marco in Finland:

I don’t know if any of us has missed the recent events in Japan. And maybe the SU isn’t the Media to bring it up. This is why I chose e-mail to get your attention to it:

Even if the events in Japan during the last few days aren’t directly of concern to most of us, there are thousands of Fellow Saabers there. These people have a club there as well: Saab Owner’s Club of Japan. The site seems to be up and running. ( I don’t know if Saabs are in any way in these people’s minds at the moment but they might appreciate our message to them. After all, we are all humans and we have similar ways of thinking when loving the same cars. Besides, they were also saving Saab a year ago.

There is also a quite extensive network of Saab retailers and service centers in Japan (, some of them in the worst affected areas.


If there are any readers from Japan, perhaps they could update us a bit more about the situation…

From all in the SaabsUnited Team, our thoughts are with the people of Japan in this time of need!


I suggest you all support “Doctors without Borders” they are usually the first ones on scene at every disaster.



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  1. Hi Marco. I do not know what we can do for them but anyway I sent an Email to let them know that we think of them.

  2. Truly a disaster, and of a magnitude most of us are fortunate enough to not fully comprehend. It puts our moaning about dash trim in the NG9-5 in perspective.

  3. I hope all Saab-drivers, both in Japan and the rest of the world, are safe and sound tonight.

    I was very impressed a year ago when news of support convoys in Asia came through.

  4. We are a Saab Family, but more important we are a Human Family.

    To our family in Japan, please know that our hearts and our prayers are with you in this disaster, and to the extent each of us can, we will be contributing to the recovery effort.

  5. Automotive News has some reports from the automotive suppliers in Japan after the Quake & Tsunami.

    I also noticed here that Sanyo is making the center stack to the 9-5. But I can’t find where they have their factories. The Sanyo Automotive web page is very U.S. oriented.

  6. It is frightening and humbling to watch some of the video and see how quickly and completely the power of nature can wipe out human contructions. The earthquake was bad enough. The awesome force of the tsunami washing over the landscape in various reports is downright scary. As ayrshireXC90 mentioned, almost incomprehensible.

    Here in Vancouver and other parts of the West Coast, people watch with a certain sense of foreboding almost. It could happen here too…

    Our thoughts are with the people of Japan and hopes for a speedy recovery go out to you.

  7. As one Japanese enthusiast of Saab in Tokyo who regularly visits this site, I deeply thank you for all your comments and prayers. We Japanese are now all working hard to survive and recover.

    • We think of you , your family and friends .
      Terrific actuality .

    • We think of you and I will never be able to really understand the width of the catastroph. United we stand strong together, and you are not alone!

  8. The mail reply from Saab importer Japan,PCI, last Friday that they are fine but Satoshi Aihara San concerns about his people in disaster area.

  9. I just saw on the news broadcasting from one of the cities (I didn’t catch the name), which was completely washed away by the sea. Among all the devastation and debris there was a pre 2002 9-5 estate, midnight blue, sitting in a ditch covered with mud.