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Actually it is still barely afternoon, but as you all know the spirit of SU was born in Australia so by the time this is published it will already be almost Sunday. Eventually, I expect SU will convert to Saab Mean Time (SMT) which is more or less GMT+1.

On to the snippets.
Pam sent our team a note letting us know that the IIHS has published the first MY10/11 9-5 crash test scores. No side impact testing as of yet, but I’m sure their testing regiment will continue. Good score so far.
AutoNews’ Rick Kranz offers up some nice thoughts on the PhoeniX. “The PhoeniX design is polarizing. But that’s OK.” (thanks John for the tip).
Both Saab PhoeniX and IQon continues to receive attention all over Internet. A little googling turns up heaps of articles and opinions. “Don’t Angry Birds and drive!” writes Rik Henderson of A colleague of mine received a citation a week ago for using his mobile while driving. He tried to demonstrate that he had a handsfree device in his glove compartment, but no rebate on the ticket was offered. Imagine the cop’s reaction had there been a little Angry Birding going on too.

Personally, I suspect digital distractions will be difficult to avoid in the future. By blocking content on the main satnav screen, all you will accomplish is that the driver will whip out his other portable screen and use that instead. The choice will be between being able to use only one hand or be forced to employ other body parts as well. Still, as with the “fasten seat belts” sign, the car should lead with a good example. In either case, IQon is long overdue and an welcome addition to the Saab product range.
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16 thoughts on “Saturday night snippets

  1. Nice to see you posting here, Rune! 🙂
    Good snippet post, although I’d prefer if you used “——” between them like Swade usually does. It makes it easier to read, but you do as you prefer of course.

    • Some things might change, and some will stay the same. We haven’t had time to talk everything over yet, but we have to start somewhere.. 😉
      The comment of yours is a good one, and we will “learn, adapt and improve” over the coming days. We encourage all readers to come with comments so we can keep SU on the high level Swade has kept it at.

    • Thanks for the feedback everybody!

      It is early days still, but I expect we’ll divide the snippets between us. The team is still getting organized.

    • The good thing about being spread out over the world in so many places as we are, is that as things happen we will be able to give the news to you fast. The snippets section may be covered by several individuals within the team.

      Nice opening Rune 🙂


  2. Have any of Swades inside contacts (aka Djup Strupe) agreed to continue supplying information to the new management of SaabsUnited?

    I can imagine that they will feel a little bit insecure when they have to send sensitive information to a new and unfamiliar contact (that is partly connected to Saab thru his family). And to keep using Swade for inside news might become tricky as he will possibly be getting payed by Saab in the future.

  3. I’m rather disturbed by the safety ratings actually — No Saabs since 2009 listed as Top Safety Pick!

    BMW and Merc’s latest get that top rating.

    Why haven’t Saab done side impact testing? I would think this should be the highest priority as we always sing the mantra of ‘Safest Car’. I hope there’s a good excuse other than we ‘haven’t got around to it…’.

    • Speaking of side impact crash testing, I was quite surprised to find this: Rather alarming, considering I’m driving a 2003 9-5 wagon. I was hoping to hold out for the new SC, but this makes me nervous, especially with a child in the back seat. All this time, I thought I was driving a 5 star car! (The only ratings at the time were the 5 star front crash test score from NHTSA, the US government testing organization.).

      You’re driving a car that was as safe as any other car in 2003. For sure. The new 9-5 has already achieved 5 stars in Europe and any new Saab will always be as safe as the current testing regime warrants. – SW

      • Thank you. That’s why I’m car shopping – I want the new safety features, particularly the rear airbags. I’d love to get another Saab and wish the testing was already completed. A bit nervous about waiting another six months though. Don’t want to push my luck. Glad I found this site.

      • new car shopper,

        From looking at IIHS page, there seems to be an issue because there is no side curtain airbag in the back. The new 9-5 has this added protection and maybe a stronger safety cage as well (I’m guessing on this part — they already had strong safety cages before).

        Also check out!/webbversioneng_R6546.pdf which is a report published by an insurance company in Sweden. They investigate accidents and once a certain car model has been involved in a statistical significant number of accidents, they award it a score based on how well it protected its inhabitants.

        The upside is that Folksam’s method presents a better picture of how safe a car really is, the downside is that it takes time to provide a meaningful score. (i.e. “newer cars have not been tested on animals”)

        NTP: I believe the IIHS test of the MY11 9-5 is very fresh and I think (hope 🙂 ) it is safe to assume that they will follow up soon with the side impact testing.


        • Me too, Rune– and to be fair I see Audi seems particularly slow in getting around to having their latest cars ‘EuroNcap-ed’ (where’s the A6 rating?). Must be said though that new BMW 5 series seems to be the clear King in respect of the Euro Safety parameters.

          • Yes, they have certainly improved a lot.

            I would love for EuroNCAP to increase the impact speed a bit. 🙂 The steering wheel on the BMW was starting to move…

            (And they got an extra point for “Speed limit assistance”? That’s a feature I would think defeats road safety)


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