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  1. Just watch the comments turn positive on this thread. The concept grows on you, especially the curves of the front. Given that the front will have the most influence on the next 9-3, I think it’s safe to say this design exercise was a huge success. Watching the 360 where the car spins really helps give a better view of how all those curves and bulges work to create a fluid aerodynamic appearance.

    To those who wish to quabble about whether or not this is a true Saab, remember the arguments over the reverse hockeystick from the 9-X air? How insignificant does that now seem when placed next to this concept? I’m so excited to see fresh, bold, and inspired reinterpretation of Saab themes here. Well done Jason and crew.

  2. The more I see and learn about the PhoeniX, the more I like the direction and design. This isn’t meant to be a literal manifestation of what a true Saab automobile will be, but I think I can see and appreciate where the Saab design language is going. I remember when the new 9-5 broke cover, a lot of people weren’t too crazy about it…but now most people recognize it as a really beautiful and stylish design. Saab needs to push the styling envelope. Otherwise, it will become stagnant, which means death in the automotive business. I can’t wait to see what the next 9-3 will look like!

  3. So Swade, we have to know…..considering all the polarized comments today here about the reaction to the PhoeniX….

    ….did you give it a hug because you love it, or because you knew it would need a hug after today? πŸ™‚

  4. I love most of it. With the eAAM content, IQon, and this type of styling theme I look forward to buying a future 9-3 convertible. I will be the first in line to get it!

    I will still like my new 9-5 Aero too πŸ™‚ Only 2 more months before it arrives!

  5. What a great guy. He gets it. All this makes the wait for the 93 even harder.

    Love the logo too!

  6. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4..

    Forward flipping hood!

    Forward flipping hood!

    Forward flipping hood!


    That is all.

  7. Ok young man JC, I’m convinced right now ! The future is looking bright….
    This concept car is so “layered” that it took some time (+- 6 hours πŸ™‚ ) to fully accept it

  8. I’m disappointed in the Phoenix design,……it’sway over the top,…not ‘Saab like”, more like Spyker. It’s not the direction I had hoped for,….I recognize it is a concept,….but hoping that it does not go that way. Time will tell if extremism is recognized as not the right way that Saab should go, be different yes,…but not weird.

  9. I wan’t TheWngs!
    There has been a lot of dislikes about the ‘wings’ on this car but you’vegot to keep in mind this is a show car as it’s been said many times here on SU today.

    But if you listen carefully to what Jason says about them (this the essence of it) :
    – ‘This concept is exceptionally aerodynamic. One of the unique aerodynamic feature is what we refer to as the Flying butresses What it does is that it accelerates the airflow over the rear of the car without the penalty of a high drag which you see on racing cars.’

    So it’s really about design with a purpose, Form and Function, an innovative approach of Aerodynamics It’s about getting better downforce and stability without the penality of the higher drag.that a rear spoiler would cause. (Formula 1 cars have a very high drag Cd ,40 or more in order to gett grip). PhoeniX drag is Cd 0.25

    So the wings are more than something just to fit a roof rack on.

    Let’s not flush this Saab innovation down the drain just because it looks odd.(isn’t that what Saabs are about)

    I want the wings on my next 9-3!

    • So, are you saying the wings are quirky but functional? πŸ™‚

      Seriously, after hearing Jason’s explanation I understand the concept but doubt this would make it to a production vehicle as they are too likely to break or be damaged and then Saab would be having to repair them a lot under warranty. But what do I know?

      I got a laugh today out of one of the reviews (Car and Driver?) that referred to them as wings….or handles with which to pick up the PhoeniX. πŸ™‚ They were being a bit cheeky but did seem to like a lot of things about the concept.

      • I’ ll say they are quirky AND functional, which is exactly what Saab needs.. Just like the Night Panel, the centre console ignition and like turbo once was. I agree with you about the risk of damage etc. Still I think it’s a cool idea. Think about it: if you’ve never seen a front or rear spoiler before (think 50’s cars) wouldn’t you say it looks weird or ugly?

        Honestly I doubt they survive to the production exept for a discrete modified version maybe on a ‘viggen’,maybe disguised as roof rails. To me it’s a matter Saab openminded thinking – if it does good, why not use it.

        If you can have a similar thing with similar purpose on the bootlid, why can’t you have it on the roof? New ideas need some time to be accepted. (It took some decades for the turbo). Don’tbe surprised if some other manufacturer picks it up and deliver it as their revolutionary invention in a couple of years.

  10. Fan-freakin-tastic!!! Jason and his team really are pushing the ‘Move Your Mind’ concept onto a whole new level. The 99T changed Saab way back in the late 70s and PhoeniX has changed they way we look at Saab’s from this day on. I can see Saab appealing to a much broader audience now.

  11. Absolutely brilliant, and a game changer. This is what Saab should be doing–not a predictable maneuver. It’s a very bold statement–and I think not only is Saab leadership saying we’re here, but more of ‘we’re here and if you think we’re going to play it safe on the road to recovery–you’re wrong.’ No middle of the road–look at the polarity of the opinions so far!

    The Aero-X was a darling–it still looks so hot. But how much further could that concept be taken at this point? To me, the PhoeniX concept takes the ur-saab as it’s heart (literally) and layers multi-generational saab queues over it. Almost like we’re looking at Saab strata.

    Saabs have always been as much about the experience as any particular look–there’s a real depth in the conception of the PhoeniX; the tradition is there. So to that end I think this concept at least merits some consideration as the next iterations start to appear. I love the idea of interacting with this concept. Just beautiful. JC totally got it.

    • Thats exactly what I wanted to write πŸ˜‰

      “Saab has never been for everybody, nor should it be”

  12. Good job Saab! I am a big fan of Saab and am watching closely the new developments. I hope you bring back the Hatchback. When available, I am ready to purchase.

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