TTELA: SAAB has started to pay

May 10, 2011 in News

According to TTELA, Saab has now started to pay its bills to its suppliers… But still no word about when the production could start…

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  1. Now that’s what I call good news…

    Saab +Infinity

  2. Has there been an interuption in production of 9-4X’s in Mexico?

  3. I think there was a shortage of paint because of the Japanese situation.

    • Could the shortage of paint because of the Japan situation also have something to do with all the white 9-4X’s being tested right now? I don’t know the answer, that’s why I ask.

  4. I think it has to do with ice blocks and snow and freezing your butt off in Sweden. Unless you’ve got a new 9-4X with rear heated seats.

  5. Shortage of paint?! Hmmmm.

  6. To whom it may interest,
    a big bunch of all the pigments used in the automotive industry come from Japan.
    From those pigments you can make paint, but also coloured plastic parts.

    • Red J,
      Is this shortage having any affect on paint supplies for Saab?

      • Don’t know exactly if Saab is having problems, but it is a general known problem in the automotive industry.

  7. Bad news :(

    Saab’s future hopes severely delayed

    Tough break for the troubled automaker
    Saab’s future hope, the new 9-3, will be between six months and a year late. Said several independent sources to TV4 Finance News. The new 9-3 would be launched in October 2012. The delay means that new revenues to Saab move even further into the future.

    The Saab 9-3 has been in showrooms since 2003 and should shortly be replaced by a new model. Saab’s President Victor Muller has said that the new Saab 9-3 was to be ready by October 2012. But three independent sources of TV4 and TV4 Ekonominyhterna West now confirm that the new Saab 9-3 will be significantly delayed.

    – Several contractors have stopped deliveries to the prototype. We try to work around it, but lag behind the schedule. The new 9-3 will be at least six months late. Maybe more, said a person at Saab of transparency in the project to TV4.

    – According to the information we have now so we are aiming for October 2012. We can not say much more than that, “said Eric Geers, spokeswoman for Saab.

    Many technology projects on hold
    According to one of TV4.s sources estimated the delay to the new 9-3 right now to be between six months and one year. The news is another blow for the troubled automaker. Saab will have to live longer on the existing 9-3: an than previously assumed. And possible int├Ąckter from new 9-3 ports further away than before.
    – Many technical projects have been put on hold. There is no money. There is no way that new 9-3 is completed on time, “says another of TV4’s sources.

    The major reason for the delay of the new 9-3 is a lack of money, according to TV4’s sources. Several suppliers have stopped supplying the prototype, and a number of technical projects related to new 9-3 is currently dormant. In addition, the engines have caused problems.

    Victor Muller purchased engines from BMW, and they should have been more difficult to adapt to the Saab’s wishes than initially anticipated. In addition, Saab builds a hybrid model. And electric hybrid engines will have had several problems in development.
    – The new Saab 9-3 is extremely important to us. 9-3 is a big part of our sales. But I do not want to comment on this, “said Eric Geers.

    • Why don’t you post things only once?

      This piece of news won’t get more important if you put it in every post.

      And try not to dump whole articles at SU.

    • This sounds very strange. Isn’t it “only” some 4-6 weeks that contractors/suppliers has refued delivering parts? How could, say, a six week delay there cause a 6-12 minth delay of the entire 93 R & D?

  8. Paying outstanding balances is a start, but it’s important to see what terms will be agreed to in future deliveries. Plain and simple, SAAB cannot afford stops in production, even more so with the new 9-3 delayed.